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LRM Studio Productions offers a variety of services including:

         Audio production

    • full projects for soloists and groups

o    demos, promos & soundtracks

    • soundtracks for professional and amateur theatre companies
    • radio advertisements
    • soundtracks and voiceovers for video production
    • live remote recording
    • family oral history

         Live sound engineering

         Composing & Arranging

Contact Chris Williams, A&R, for information and pricing on these services.  All prices are based on the individual project or service and agreed upon in advance.  Once a project fee is determined, that is the final price, and any additional services will be quoted as needed.  This gives the artist the ability to be creative without having to constantly watch the clock.


International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)

Upon the client's request, all original material may receive an International Standard Recording Code (ISRC).  The ISRC, defined by ISO 3901, is an international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings.



Audio Production

full projects for soloists and groups

This is the hallmark of LRM Studio Productions.  We can write, arrange, produce and engineer full projects for soloists and groups.  We will help you package your product by assisting with artwork, web design and duplication.


demos, promos & soundtracks

If you're a performer needing a professional demo, LRM Studio Productions can do as much or as little as you need.  We can create a custom music track for you or mix your voice with your pre-recorded music track.

At LRM Studio Productions we can write, arrange and record original music or produce a custom arrangement of the song you want to sing or play along with.


soundtracks for professional and amateur theatre companies

We produce soundtracks for theatrical productions, working closely with the artistic director of a production to create the right soundtrack for musical numbers, underscoring, sound effects, etc.  Whatever style, whatever feel, whatever mood you need, we can work together to make your show dynamic!

With years of musical direction experience, we also offer valuable consultation, choral coaching and private vocal coaching for principles for an additional fee.


radio advertisements

If you need to get your business, service or announcement on the radio, LRM Studio Productions can produce your audio advertisement.  Got a script and actors?  We'll engineer the project.  Got an idea?  We'll help you tailor your ad to catch the attention of your target audience.


soundtracks and voiceovers for video production

Soundtracks for musical numbers, underscoring, sound effects, and any other audio need are also available for video production.  We have seasoned professional voice actors that will give your project the vitality it needs to be noticed.


live remote recording

We can digitally capture the dynamics of your live musical performance and produce a professional, market ready CD to use as a reference, memento, or fund raiser for your organization.


family oral history

Many people attempt to write down their life history, but find it rather difficult to express all their details and feelings.  We can ease the process by recording your family's story in a conversational style.  This can be done by talking to family members, a matriarch or patriarch of the family.  We can then give you a much more personal, permanent record of your history.  As these recordings are very unique and personal, please contact us for details on your particular needs.

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Live Sound Engineering

LRM Studio Productions can provide a sound engineer to run your event with the equipment you own or have rented.  We are not, however, in the equipment rental business.


Fees for this service are based on the event and the level of engineering need.  Depending on the circumstances, we can provide everything from a lead audio engineer to an extra pair of hands to assist in setup and strike.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs!



Composing & Arranging

Have a song idea, lyrics, melody, anything you think can be made into a song?  LRM Studio Productions can take that idea and turn it into a marketable audio product.  If you're a writer who needs a professionally produced version of your song, we're here to help.  We can record you playing and singing your own arrangement or arrange your ideas into a professionally produced recording.


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